The Benefits and Pitfalls of Directory Submission

Directory Submissions have received a lot of controversy in recent years.  The procedure of submitting to Directories to gain links to a internet site is starting to be a questionable technique due to the fact a lot of website owners do not see an advantage in it.  They argue that the process is time consuming and reaps no real positive aspects other than a couple of hyperlinks that trickle in and has no effect on web page rank.  On the other hand, Directory submission is still around for a reason, isn’t it? Many argue that if it wasn’t effective, it wouldn’t even be thought of as a tactic by search engine standards. So the big questions is: does Directory submission really work?   

Link building is without any doubt, very effective.  Using a lot of strategies of gaining hyperlinks to and from your site, it’s typically difficult to keep up.  This is why website owners have commenced to truly critique which approaches are worth their time and which are not.  Directory submission was very well-known a couple of years back, but now individuals are proclaiming to see few final results.   Their principal argument is that it delivers no site visitors to their web page because hardly anyone uses directories and the backlinks are weak in quantity.  There are thousands of directories out there, so distributing to all of them might be quite time ingesting. On top of that, there are quite a few directories on the internet which Google considers spam.  As the king of search engines, Google frowns upon paying for directory submission, much like paying for anything connected with hyperlinks.  Doing so, to them, is like cheating and having to pay to submit any link should be avoided. 

The truth is, directory submission still works and can possibly still be a trendy marketing strategy for quite a few many years to come. The trick is to search out top quality over quantity.  A lot of website owners make the mistake of attempting to hasten results and end up mingling with spammed directories that aren’t really worth a thing.  If you are truly selective about who you submit your links to, you will reap the benefits. When seeking good directories to submit to, keep a few details in mind:

  • Is the directory you are taking into consideration listed on search engines?–  This is a big warning sign! If they are not listed most likely it is a scam or may not present any real benefits to you.  They may have gotten blacklisted by the search engine for spamming or are basically not web savvy enough to rank themselves on search engines.  Think about it, would you depend your marketing tactic on a directory which can’t even market themselves?
  •  Manual Submissions vs. Automated Submissions– Directory submissions are combed through by human editors before they are accepted and published.  Doing so suggests they are looking for quality! Automated submissions are much faster, but do you genuinely profit from it?  In the end, spending some time manually submitting to a few directories can win you way more links in contrast to using an programmed service.
  • Be selective about which directories you distribute to– There is spam throughout the net and directories are no exception.  If they are inquiring for money or have a no-follow link policy, forget about it.  Some directories have no real power online and cannot present you anything profitable.  Do some research before choosing to submit to a directory. Knowledge is power!


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