The Most Expensive Collectibles Sold on eBay

eBay may be the only high profile site which allows people to sell anything online, it’s well-known as a virtual auction house. It sells the product through a bidding process, by which, the highest bidder shall be the preferred buyer for the merchandise.

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There are many collectible items which are put for auction online at eBay, including, apparel, automobiles, furniture, computers, and much more. The top five most expensive items that was placed on eBay are high end items; allow me to share the lists that could surprise you.

Top 5 on the list is a 2003 Ferrari Enzo sports car; it was priced at around $650,000. This automobile was the most expensive vehicle that was put on auction in eBay and possibly the most expensive sale on the history of eBay’s UK website. Based on several car collectors, the Ferrari sale was regarded as an amazing deal at that time.

Top 4 is a 1909 Honus Wagner Baseball Card, this kind of card is an symbol among card collectors, also it features a famous Pittsburg Pirates shortstop John Peter “Honus” Wagner. The original price was $1,265,000 but later sold for the great price of $600,000. This baseball card is in good condition and merely 50 cards of this kind were ever produced.

Top 3 is a place called Albert, Texas which has a population of 4 was place into auction at eBay in 2003. Just as strange as it might seen it was eventually purchased for $2,500,000 by an Austin resident who afterwards placed the property on eBay.

Top 2 on the list is a jet engine called Gulfstream II, it was created by a Texas-based Company called Tyler Jet. It was put on auction in 2001, it had been sold at an amazing price of $4,900,000. This record-breaking sale gave eBay even more popularity and boosted its brand a step higher.

Top 1 is regarded as the expensive item that has been put on auction and is considered to be eBay’s all time high in terms of selling a single product. The item is Frank Mulder’s Gigayacht priced between 85 million to $168 million. It was sold to a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who bought it at a proposed cost of $168 million dollars.

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